Piercing Pricing:

  • All Piercings are: $35.00

  • Jewelry Changes: $5.00

  • Dermal Removal: $15.00


Piercing Hassle free Maintenance: 

If you get your piercing done at The Parlor you can come back to get it switched out with jewelry that you supply free of charge. 

Age Restrictions:

  • Ages 1-14 we can pierce lobes only. 

  • Ages 15-17 facial, Ear and naval piercings are allowed.

  • Ages 18-up Anything goes


  • MINORS (17 and under): All minors must be at-least 15 years of age for tattoos and be accompanied by a parent or a guardian. Parent or guardian must present Valid drivers license. Last name of minors identification must match parent or guardians last name. Minor can use a license, passport or birth certificate. If minor has a guardian, guardian must present state issued paperwork showing guardianship of minor. At any moment tattoo artist or piercer has every right to deny procedure even with proper identification and parent or guardian present. Below is the health's department stand on minors and tattoos and piercings. 

11.1.8.  CR An individual shall not tattoo, brand, or perform body piercing on a

minor unless the individual obtains the prior written informed consent of

the minor’s parent or legal guardian and proof of that individual’s

authority to give the informed consent required under PA 375. The

minor’s parent or legal guardian shall execute the written, informed

consent required under PA 375 in the presence of the licensee or and

employee or agent of the licensee. The minor’s parent or legal guardian

shall present to the licensee or employee or agent of the licensee the

minor’s birth certificate or legal proof of guardianship to establish the

individual’s authority to give the informed consent required under PA 375.

The facility shall maintain with the client record a copy of the minor’s

photo identification, the parent or legal guardian’s photo identification,

and a copy of the minor’s birth certificate or legal guardianship papers.


Information can be found at this website: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/mdch/BAReqs811_360378_7.pdf

on page 16 of PDF 

Client Tips and Guidelines:

  • Have a good meal or snack before any piercing. 

  • Don't come in intoxicated you wont get pierced.  

  • Bring Proper documentations for your procedure (Drivers license, State issued id, passport, Birth certificate for minors) If you don't have identification we cannot pierce you. 

  • (MINORS)Your sister, stepsister, cousin, uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, your pastor, best friend, neighbor, an acquaintance, boy friend, girl friend, are NOT allowed to sign for you unless they can show state issued guardianship paper work. Parents need to bring a birth certificate for any procedure done at The Parlor. 

  • Please ask us about how things are sterilized and how we use single use items. They are good things to know.

  • Think ahead and wear something that is easily manipulated to expose the area that the piercing will go. Its hard to pierce when cloths are in the way.   

  • Please don't hesitate to tell us if your nervous or scared we are here for you and will walk you threw it the whole way. If you are dizzy or nauseous please let us know as soon as possible. It happens and we will help you get more comfortable. 

  • Try your best to stay still during the piercing process. The more you move the longer it takes and there is more of a chance a mistake can be made. 

  • After the piercing process is done if you have any questions please contact your piercer directly and they will guide you threw any questions you have.


Please Call to get more information:

We will not Quote or schedule a tattoo over the phone. 



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